Suzannah Henty teaches art history at the University of Melbourne where she is currently completing her PhD in a co-tutelle program with the EHESS. She has tutored and lectured gender studies and art history at the University of Melbourne and Victoria University since 2018. Her research focuses on anti-colonialism in contemporary art and settler-colonial theory. In 2019, she co-convened the Black-Palestinian Solidarity conference with Professor Gary Foley at the University of Melbourne. She has presented her research on trans-local solidarity and anti-colonial art at SOAS, AM Qattan Foundation, the French-German cultural centre (Ramallah), the Aby Warburg Haus (Hamburg), Université Libre de Bruxelles and the University of Queensland. Her writing has been published in Radical Philosophy, the Funambulist, Jerusalem Quarterly and Kunstlicht and Magazine 28.